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This film could have a signifcant effect on the future of the English countryside! (30 mins)

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This film has had a significant effect on the English countryside!
It is a film that defies many established norms.
It has had outrageously good receptions in about 70 live screenings in the UK where the vast majority of audiences became deeply immersed and discussed it at length afterwards. And did something constructive.

Audiences have been as diverse as a special needs school to a hall filled with local councillors, but mainly ordinary people in town and village halls. Ordinary people young, old and middle-aged.

Many elderly groups said it is the best film night they've had in years. And there is the curious thing!

Elderly people are making a difference. For this is an activist film of a completely new genre. A warm gentle film that captivates ordinary people and makes them think and question.

Many activists think this film is not hard enough - they're wrong - it works! And it brings communities together.

janneke Aalbers
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Many film professionals dissect the camera-work and say it is not professional enough. It is precisely because it has an amateur feel that makes it authentic. It was made almost entirely by one person. It is authentic and that is part of its charm. Professionals seem to ignore the fact it holds the audience right till the end. It is captivating. It is a film that breaks the mould.

People feel they are being taken on the same journey as the presenter.

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PLOT: local resident of Sussex England sets out to discover what hydraulic fracturing is and what it means for the English countryside. He undergoes a sea-change of attitude as he discovers some rather unusual facts. The escapade leads him to a beautiful 160,000 acre estate, meeting a noble Lord, discovering a not well known renewable energy solution and is then awakened to the amazing spirit of an English village. This is a fast moving thought provoking adventure with a surprisingly uplifting conclusion. This is a film that will move you. The film is just 30 mins.


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